The variety of environments is determined by the composition of computer software, as any, even the small program, once it is started, creates its own working environment.

The computer software - a set of all employed computer programs, among which the top place takes best antivirus software, which you choose for installation.

In life, all objects can be grouped according to certain signs and make for itself an idea of where it is possible to use one or another representative of the group (class). The same can be done with respect to the computer program.

In order to clearly understand where and what program you should use to convert the information and get the desired result, you need to have an idea of the available varieties of programs. All software is usually divided into three classes:

The system software is a necessary attribute of any computer, as it provides the human interaction, all devices and computer programs.

This defines a set of programs on the computer system environment and work rules in it. The more completely the system software, the more comfortable we feel in the system environment.

The most important system software is the operating system, which is usually stored hard drive. When you turn on your computer it corresponds with the bulk of the hard disk to the internal memory and is stored there during your work on computer.

Operating system - a set of programs that controls the RAM, processor, peripherals and files, leading a dialogue with the user.

An important part of the operating system is the OS file system. The files are stored everything: software, and information necessary for the user. With files constantly have something to do: create, delete, copy, move, rename, and search. For all of these actions and responds filesystem. Antivirus is also one of important things on your computer. Thus, read antivirus software reviews and choose the best for your computer.

If you turn on the computer and on the screen there is no change, although all the devices are operational, it is indicative of operating system absence.

The operating system provides:

The most well-known operating systems include: MS-DOS, Windows, Unix, OS / 2.